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Can You Trust A Courier Company?

Why is it good to consider following? Because there is more and more companies claiming great, cheap, secure and efficient courier service. But beware. He are few warning signs you should not overlook when comparing courier services and deciding which one to use.

1. No address or phone numbers on the website or Facebook.

This is the worst one. If you do not find any of this information, just an email address and even that set up on yahoo, gmail etc. run away. In general, the more ways how you can contact the company the more trusted it usually is – every modern company nowadays should run website providing at least 1 phone number, email address, FB page so you can send a message there and Live Chat solution.

2. No warehouse or distribution centre: they probably operate from home.

If the courier does not operate distribution centre/warehouse it means it is usually run from home as “one man business”. This can be ok until something happens like you need prompt action, customized delivery, pick up, help with wrapping, your package gets lost etc. You basically have no place to go! These kind of companies are quick with the explanation and it goes like this:

3. “We are cheap because we our keep costs down”

In other words, there is no real operation as mentioned above, very little support, problems to contact the company, if something goes wrong delayed reactions causing you trouble. If the third party courier can not pick up or delivery the package you have no place to go, you just have to wait. Plus be aware of additional charges!

4. They use only third party companies services (GLS, DPD, UPS…)

Again, this is not bad in principle. We do the same. They are big international companies and have great system and experience. But where is the customer service? Where are any additional services? Using only third party courier services is very much limiting what they can do for you and also increases probability of potential problems. If you need real help you will not get it. You probably get more of promises and voice mails.

Now consider this: as we run our own logistic operation in Dublin, we are able to pick your parcel outside normal working hours (when arranged), we provide you with boxes, we can even help you to wrap the parcel, you can stop by and bring your parcel if our picking date and time is not convenient to you. We ship also ship pallets and we can help you with relocation or house move. These are our experiences and requirements with customers we have had.

Hope it was helpful;-)

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