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Can You Trust A Courier Company?

Why should you wonder? Because more and more companies claim they offer great, cheap, secure and efficient courier service. However, there are many fraudsters and scammers out there, waiting to deceive uninformed customers. Here are few warning that should not be overlooked.

1. No Facebook account, email address or phone numbers.

This is the worst one. If the email addresses are linked to personal accounts (e.g: yahoo, gmail), if they closely resemble those of well-known courier companies’, or if there isn’t any contact information: run away! Nowadays, trustworthy businesses run a website and a facebook page. They also provides customers with minimal contact information (phone number, email) and a live chat option.

2. No warehouse or distribution centre: they probably operate from home.

If the courier does not manage any distribution centre or warehouse, it is usually run from own as a self-owned business. This is not problematic unless prompt action or customized delivery (pickup, wrapping) is required. Likewise if an issue occurs, the company will struggle satisfy your requests.

3. They use only third party companies services (GLS, DPD, DHL)

Again, this is not an issue per se. GLS, DPD, DHL are trusted and well-known multinationals with great experience. However, using intermediaries is challenging when it comes to solving shipment issues. Hence the importance of building a strong customer service that can address requests, problems, and additional services. At Parcel Ireland, that’s what we offer.

So, why trust us?

Now consider this: Parcel Ireland has its own website, a facebook page, and a linkedin page. Moreover, we offer a reliable customer service and customizable services. We are able to pick your parcel during working hours. As for our shipment capacity, not only are we able to transport parcels, but also pallets, furniture, suitcases, and sport equipment. Do not hesitate: order now!

Trust Courier Company
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