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Six Useful Tips for International Shipping

Tip #1: Document yourself about regulations that are specific to the country

Beware that regulations are different from one country to another.

  • Shipping taxes, tariffs & duties

Shipping taxes, tariffs & duties vary depending on the country. This oftentimes implies hidden fees and unexpected expenses. Thus, you should be careful when sending parcels to one place to another. It is therefore, extremely important that you conduct thorough research before sending anything.

  • Forbidden product

Each country has its regulations in terms of forbidden products. Some of those may appear as surprising. For instance, maps and stamps are listed as prohibited items in Vietnam. Breaking those interdicts is punishable by significant fines, and further sanctions.

Tip #2: Use the right tools

Shipping companies are becoming more and more numerous. Many try to offer the lowest prices, other try to customize their product mix. Thus when choosing, it is important to resort to the right tools and to be aware of your selection criteria. On the internet, you can find articles to guide you as well as price-comparing platforms: make use of those!

Tip #3: Customize your shipping strategy

If you work full-time, you might not be available for 9am-5pm pickup times. Likewise, if you want to send unusual items (e.g: furniture, sport equipment), special packaging will be needed. As explained before, there are many courier companies in the market. So, be exigent!

Tip #4: Create the right label

Courier companies ship thousands of parcels at the same time. Thus, it is extremely important to properly label your package(s). That usually involves indicating both your name and (return) address. The label should be positioned in parallel with the longest side. Additional details might be required depending on the firm whose service resorted.

Tip #5: Entering the right contact information

Likewise, you should enter the exact information asked by your delivery company. It is important to provide them with the required details.

international shipping

Tip #6: Beware of delays

International shipping oftentimes comes with delays. Even with proper labeling and good information filling, poor weather conditions, space shortage, unexpected stops, or problems with authorities may occur. For this reason, it is important to select reliable shippers.

At Parcel Ireland, we take care of everything for you! Years of experience have provided us with extensive knowledge about country-specific regulations and forbidden products. We also allow for a high degree of customization and guarantee your parcel will be delivered on time!

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