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Tips for sending heavy or large items

Occasionally we all need to transport some goods from one place to another, sometimes it happens to be large or heavy items. Today, we would like to share some tips, so you can avoid potential issues while sending heavy or large items.


When shipping large or heavy items, you need to make sure that the packaging for those items is adequate and the content of the parcel is safe from being damaged. Also take into consideration, that depending on the delivery location, your parcel is likely to be loaded and unloaded multiple times in different locations. Even though we are always aiming to take the best care of your parcels, you should also make sure that you pack it safely.

Door to Door Service

Make sure that your parcel service provider offers door to door delivery. Most likely, the last thing you want is to have to carry your heavy packages to the distribution center.

At Parcel Ireland we offer door to door delivery for all orders with no extra cost. You can book your parcel here.

Size, Weight and Other Limitations

Every parcel delivery service provider has their service terms and conditions, usually they determine liabilities of service providers and customers, highlights restricted items and the criteria for parcels to be sent. Make sure that you double check if your parcel measurements doesn’t exceed the provider limitations, so you would not waste time. Find out about the most common mistakes of people using parcel delivery services in our recent blog entry.

sending heavy large items

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