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Parcel Industry Innovations: What is changing the market?

Today consumers want control of the delivery and they want their parcels to be delivered at a time that suits them and their daily routines. This is driving the parcel delivery industry to re-evaluate their delivery services and options to facilitate customers. Innovations in the parcel industry can take place in various areas. Starting from technology and processes towards products and services we picked top 5 parcel industry innovations that have been already implemented.

Unmanned Delivery

Consumers want to be able to shop when they want and they are prepared to pay for faster delivery. Drones are now being used in logistics for transporting foods and perishable goods. Ground-based deliveries are sometimes difficult but with robotic fliers it can be helpful not only for merchants. Tech giant Amazon, highlighted the drone delivery services as the future of e-commerce fulfillment. Imagine what this can do for places where emergency supplies are needed around areas that lack transportation infrastructure.


Many courier companies and logistic-based startups connect travelers with shippers. This collaborative consumption has offered a serious alternative to the existing traditional business models of the courier. The concept of shared economy is gearing up worldwide very fast. Shared fulfilment centers make same-day-deliveries possible across the globe, along with extending the benefits of this rapid growing industry to consumers.

QR codes

Having shipments tagged with QR codes enables companies and customers to track shipments in real time and have access to a lot more loyalty benefits. It helps in tagging and sorting process as well, resulting in a quicker execution of the delivery process.

parcel industry innovations - delivery drone

Managing Routes

The delivery speed determines the customer satisfaction. Logistic companies new benefit from the intuitive web-based routing optimization software. It helps to optimize their performance in an efficient manner. The route-planning software is generally cloud-based and detects the clever shortcuts pass on instructions to dispatchers to speed the drivers on their way. The more accurate the map is, the more efficient will be the delivery.

You can read more about it here.

Point of Sales Devices

Point of Sales (POS) devices help companies with accepting parcels from any place and on the go as well. Couriers can now collect a parcel from anywhere and make an entry into the system through POS devices.

To facilitate customers and be more competitive, the innovations are needed for companies that are constantly exploring ways to be leaner, lighter and more flexible.

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