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Packing Mistakes: How to avoid them?

Packing your parcel correctly can sometimes be a time consuming and frustrating task. There are many little aspects that people tend to forget, when packing their parcels. Today we would like to remind you the most common packing mistakes.

The box is not the right size

Weirdly, often times people tend to use boxes that are not the right size. The ideal size box would fit in the item and packaging enforcements, such as: bubble wrap, foam peanuts and additional cardboard, if needed, meanwhile:

  • If you use the box that is too big, you are risking that it could collapse, in case more boxes would be stacked on the top.
  • If you use the box that is too small, there is a risk that it couldn’t handle the pressure and tear apart.

Not reinforcing the box and its content

Surprisingly, many people actually think that putting the item into the box is all you need to do before sending it, however that is not the case. Generally, the reinforcement needed depends on the content of the box:

  • For items that easily break it is always a good idea to use bubble wrap, paper bubbles, foam peanuts or other reinforcements of this sort.
  • For fragile items it is a good idea to reinforce the inner falls of the box with second and even third sheet of cardboard.
  • If you see that your box might still tear apart, it is a good idea to reinforce the edges of the box with a strong tape
packing mistakes

Going with the cheapest box

It is a common mistake to think that all boxes are the same and only the size is different. The material and also outside factors that the boxes are resistant to varies. Not always the more expensive box is better, but cоrrugаted cardbоard is usually the way to go.

Labels and box marking

Another common packing mistakes are incorrect labeling and box marking. This can cause a lot of inconvenience and potentially additional spendings for the sender.

  • Incorrect labeling – it is the common issue that when the sender labels the boxes, it contains incorrect information resulting in significant time losses and the parcel not reaching the correct address. However, with Parcel Ireland you don’t have to worry about that, because we take care of labeling for you! Book you parcel delivery with us now!
  • Incorrect or non-existent marking of boxes – a very common mistake is when people forget to mark “This Way Up” – as a consequence, your parcel might be moved and  turned around during transportation, which can cause damage to the content of your parcel.

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