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How to pack your guitar for shipping?

For those who need to ship their guitar, we are bringing today essential steps for packing. To protect your instrument from the heartaches that come with shipping damage follow those steps of packing.

4 essential steps of packing:

  1. Secure your guitar in its hardshell case. Using anything that immobilizes the guitar.
  2. Get the right box – You can ask for one in a local guitar store.
  3. Use newspaper or other sturdy paper, large bubble wrap or pieces of foam to avoid the guitar case comes into contact with the walls of the shipping carton.
  4. With a heavy-duty packing tape close the whole thing up.

Why is it important?

The main goal is to protect the guitar by immobilizing it in its case and also to immobilize the case in the box. The less the guitar moves in its case or box, the less is the chance for it to get damages. Make sure your package is secured properly and go ahead with your shipping.

For those who don’t have a hardshell case, read more on the following link.

guitar hardshell
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