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Most common mistakes when using parcel services

For some people sending parcels is a part of a job, they do it every day and don’t have any issues. However, sending your first parcel can be a bit overwhelming. Today we would like to share a few common mistakes that people make when using our services, so you can avoid them in the future.

Failure to Safely Pack a Parcel

When sending a parcel, one of the most important things is to evaluate the content of your parcel and research what precautions are needed to make sure that your parcel is going to be safe while in delivery.

Also take into consideration, that depending on the delivery location, your parcel is likely to be loaded and unloaded multiple times in different locations. Even though we are always aiming to take the best care of your parcels, you should also make sure that you pack it safely.

Wrong Order Details

You would be surprised how often people make mistakes within their contact details and addresses when ordering parcel deliveries. When you enter your order details, always double check if you have entered the correct information, otherwise your parcel might end up in a different location or we might be unable to contact you.

Another common mistake occurs, when people uses ‘auto-fill’ option on their internet browsers and forget to double check if the information is entered correctly and to the right answer boxes.

Mistakes parcel services

Wrong Weight or Dimensions of Parcels

Entering wrong weight or dimensions of a parcel can also make you a lot of trouble. Normally weight and dimensions together with a destination are the 3 main criteria for our pricing. Getting those wrong might result in overpaying or underpaying by itself. However, when the parcel is measured and weighed in a distribution center you might be asked to pay a penalty, in case the dimensions and weight doesn’t match the one entered while ordering.

Sending Forbidden Items

Commonly people end up trying to send parcels containing items that are restricted by the law or by parcel company policy. Parcels containing such items are usually being rejected or even destroyed if the items are illegal. You can find out more about the prohibited items in our terms and conditions.

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