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Implementing Innovations: Real value or a PR trick?

In the last couple of years there is more and more buzz within the media about the groundbreaking technologies and innovations. There is also a lot of attention towards the logistics and delivery companies that are implementing innovations. But are the companies doing that for the real benefit or just to get some media attention?

Real Value

It is sometimes hard to differentiate between PR and what brings the real value. Examples of the innovations that really bring value can be:

  • Companies implementing electrical vehicle fleets to handle a significant part of company deliveries, (over 25% is a good measure). Such practice is already implemented by several delivery companies within US, Japan and China.
  • Companies that are implementing autonomous vehicle fleets and handles over 10% of all company deliveries. It includes autonomous cars, vans, pods and more.
  • Companies that are implementing innovation in customer service. Good example of that is 24/7 customer care systems, where human customer care specialists are supplemented by virtual assistants, based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.
electric vehicle

Public Relations Tricks

Attempts to get media attention and thus, more customers, by using various “tests” and innovation manipulations are more common than you might think:

  • Companies often use drones to show of their “enthusiasm” for innovations. One demonstration of a drone delivery and appearance of a CEO giving talk about innovation and aiming for more cameras. All of this to create a buzz around the brand, because innovation is trending now. Unfortunately, that is not how the real pilot tests are made.
  • Another common show that, such companies like to hold are various innovation competitions and hackathons. While it is an amazing tool to come up with new ideas and prototypes, if it is not aligned with a company’s strategy it is pointless to do it. Unless, you want to get the media attention once again.

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