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The history of parcel deliveries: How it all started?

Parcel delivery industry has been constantly growing for years and now has millions of people working in it producing billions in revenue every year. The delivery times as low as a few hours with same day delivery options. It is constantly innovating and improving, leveraging robotics and other game-changing technologies. But how did it all started in the first place?

First Mail Service in UK

It all started when one of the oldest institution of the Kingdom, Royal Mail, delivered its first letter in 1516. The institution was established to create a new and consistent way of communication between the King and the Scottish Privy Council. Back then, the delivery wasn’t simple, it used to take messengers days riding horses to deliver kings letters.

Horse Carriages for Efficient Delivery

In 1600’s the horse carriages were a disturbing innovation in the delivery industry and became the driver of logistics. However, it still had its issues as the routes to Europe were often deadly due to the fact that there was no proper infrastructure.

Industry Revolution

With industry revolution logistics business and travelling changed yet again. Steam ships, trains and improved communication technologies all had a great impact on the advancement. It became possible to deliver big items, high quantities of deliveries, moreover, it was much faster and the reach of locations was much wider.

history parcel deliveries

Invention of a Car

Since the development of the cities and infrastructure after industry revolution increased rapidly it was only a question of when the distribution of mail and parcels will change from bicycle and horse to something new. Not long after the invention of a car followed the creation of delivery vans. It created an opportunity for individuals to start their own businesses in logistics field.

Air crafts and Air Travel

Even though all of the inventions above made massive breakthroughs in the business, none of them were that significant than utilization of air crafts for logistics. With the advancement of technology, aircraft speed and reliability skyrocketed, that is what made it possible to travel thousands of miles in the fraction of time that was required previously using other means of transportation.

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