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Girth Calculation: What do you need to know?

Usually sending parcels is fast and easy task, however sometimes you can come across some unfamiliar phrases and definitions. One of these words is ‘girth’, which tends to appear when people are attempting to send big parcels. So what is that girth?

Definition of Girth

Girth is the measurement around any object, in this case measurement of all sides of the box. It is typically used by couriers to determine if the parcel is going to fit on the transportation pallet and what part of it is going to be taken.

How to do the Girth Calculation?

Once you have measured the dimensions of your parcel, you can calculate the girth by using this formula:

2 x Height + 2 x Width + 1 x Longest Side = Girth

Note: Calculation measurement units are centimeters (cm).

Do I have to do these calculations myself?

Indeed, some parcel delivery companies are demanding that you would do the girth calculation by yourself and even demands additional payments, if the customer gets that wrong.

At Parcel Ireland we take a different approach, we aim to make our customer experience smoother, easier and more enjoyable. Thus, when you enter the measurements of the parcel, you can see the automatic calculation of your parcel girth and whether it exceeds our limit of 300cm or not.

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