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Drone delivered a kidney for transplantation

For the first time ever, a drone delivered a kidney scheduled for transplantation. The new technologies might make organ delivery safer and more affordable.

Customized drone

According to NBC News, the drone was customized for sustainable monitoring of the organ in the air in real time. Thanks to updates sent to personnel handling the transplant, the 4.5-km took just 10 minutes of drone flight. The recipient of the kidney was a 44-year old woman from Baltimore who had waited eight years for a donor.

Outstanding collaboration

The outstanding 3-year collaboration among organ procurement specialists, pilots and surgeons made a pioneering breakthrough in transplantation. The researchers tested the drone before with saline and blood tubes.

Drones in logistics

Recently the uses of drones within logistics have even more expanded. Doctors believe the drone deliveries of organs could help widen access to transplantation. Some experts say the organ drones provide a cheaper and more efficient transport option as the organ needs to be delivered quickly after being removed from the donor’s body.

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drone delivery
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