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Creative packaging: Make your delivery stand out

Looking to impress your regular customer? Want to make your loved one happy by giving a nice gift? Figuring out the way to thank somebody? Whatever is your reason, Parcel Ireland is here to help… Today we have some tips for creative packaging.

Make It Useful

When you think of sending a product or a gift, usually your only concern is that the item would be useful and likable. But why not give the double joy? Making packaging useful might help you to do just that.

Instead of putting it in a plastic package or cardboard box, consider aluminium boxes or textile bags. Recipient is going to be more than happy, aluminium boxes can be used for storing small items, and the textile bags are fashionable and practical apparel, that can be used for shopping or instead of a handbag.

Make it Sustainable

Sustainability is a great issue across all industries, parcel delivery is not any different. Packaging waste counts in millions of tons, which often ends up in the streets. You can help combat it by using only organic and recyclable materials for packaging. Sustainability is a very common concern in today’s world, therefore such gesture can make both, recipient and the earth more happy.

Learn more by reading our blog entry about reusable packaging materials.

Make it Attractive

To make a person happy you want to have the full combination, beautiful packaging and the content that would be worth it. Forget about standard shapes and boring colors, use variations of geographical figures and spectrum of eye catching colors to achieve best result.

Make it Safe

When you have the packaging that will meet recipient expectations, make sure it will reach the destination safely and in one piece. Use the normal cardboard packaging with all usual precautions, as a second layer of packaging. To order your parcel delivery simply follow this link.

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