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10 criteria to consider when choosing service for your parcel delivery.

When it comes to choosing parcel delivery service you have got always several options.  Each customer has different requirements and criteria on level of service, pricing and many other options. In this article we tried to summarise what you might consider to be happy with your delivery and showing how Parcel Ireland can help to it.


  1. No registration or account required. Simply type basic parcel delivery details, addresses, contacts and you are done. You pay as you go and order will be placed.
  2. Great and transparent prices. No need to wait for quote, you know directly what the price will be and what it includes (such things like insurance, VAT, etc).
  3. Once it’s needed to pack really good, professional package boxes can be really handy. We can arrange several sizes of package boxes and we are always happy to suggest the best.
  4. Destinations reach, overseas or just within Europe. Offering 30 most popular destinations including oversees should be enough to ship over 95% of all requests from Ireland and UK.
  5. Option to have special times for parcel collection. Our couriers try to be as much flexible as possible. Soon there will be option to pickup parcel also in the weekend.
  6. Always aware where your parcel is until it arrives. Tracking ID and option to see where you have your parcel at the moment of delivery is standard today.
  7. Door to door with no hassle with additional things to do. Good delivery service doesn’t require printing labels or filling some papers for sending your parcel. Enjoy it paperless.
  8. Big size or large amount shipments and house moves. When it comes to something extra there should be a solution and there is always one, like shipping pallets or storing temporarily, etc.
  9. Customized and tailor made solutions for logistics requirement of start-up’s and small & medium businesses. It’s important to be flexible when it comes to closer collaboration.
  10. Excellent customer service. Most of shipments goes smoothly but in case it’s not, then you appreciate overview on the situation, fast response as well as nice personal approach.

Parcel Ireland ( provides parcel delivery service within above mentioned standards and criteria. Additionally we are always happy to customise offer for you when it’s really something special or when it comes to higher volumes of parcel delivery. Enjoy shipping, made simple.

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