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Choosing Delivery Company: 9 Factors to Consider

When it comes to choosing a delivery company, there are multiple options. Each customer has different requirements regarding the service package or the pricing schemes. In this article we will give you some tips for choosing delivery company.

No registration required

The website should simply ask you to fill in basic delivery details and personal contact information (email, phone number). You should be asked to register your card number, and should be able to pay for the transaction only.

Transparent prices

You should be able to know exactly what the prices encompass (service fee, insurance, VAT, etc). Transparent prices also mean no hidden fees (insurance, additional shipping costs).

Destinations reach

Delivery destination usually include either European countries or extend further the rest of the world. However, the latter possibility usually involves important extra fees. We offer shipment to popular destinations which is enough to cover over 95% of Irish demands.

Convenient pickup time

It is of important for courier companies to adapt to your needs. Our couriers are maximizing efforts to be as flexible as possible.

Parcel Tracking

Parcel tracking is important as it allows for more efficiency and transparency. As a customer, you might also want to monitor where your package is, especially when the delivery is important. At Parcel Ireland, we offer tracking services to each of our customers. We ensure frequent updates and good time estimations.

Door to door deliveries

This allows for less time wasting and less commuting. Door-to-door services is one of the Parcel Ireland’s most competitive advantage.  

Large shipment capacity

Large delivery capacity is important especially for individuals that want to move from one place to another. Temporary storing might also be convenient. At Parcel Ireland, we offer moving services. We are also equipped to ship large and unusual objects (e.g: furniture, sport equipment, etc.)

Choosing delivery company

Customized solutions

Start-ups, SMEs, or individuals might want to send unusual object. They may also wish to personalize their parcels.  At Parcel Ireland, we are flexible and can provide you with customized services.

Excellent customer service

A good customer service is comprehensive and efficient. Employees should be able to react quickly and to find adequate solutions, especially when important deliveries are involved. Our employees are available through our website chat, over the phone, Facebook messenger or by email. They are ready to respond to your queries and resolve any issues in a timely manner.

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