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Call our Parcel Ireland support phone line within U.K. and Northern Ireland at (+44) 20 34752563 (+44) 20 34752563

Chatbot TEDYour customer assistant from the cloud

Here are some tips how to speak with me to get your the answer you like:

  1. Ask in simple format, so only one question over one query (for example: "how are you?”, "tell me a joke” "how much from Ireland to Germany”)
  2. Ask always with full sentence / question as I am still not so good in guessing so cold “between lines”
  3. If my answer doesn’t give you satisfaction, you can try to ask in different way the same topic, just formulating your questions differently. Maybe I’ll get it :)
  4. Be careful about misspelling as I am very punctual, so I can’t stand misspellings because then I am completely lost
  5. Be patient, I am still learning and with every dialog and chat I am getting a bit smarter, so really thank you for helping me to grow
  6. Now you know how, so just try it!
  7. At the end of each dialog - I’ll be glad to receive feedback. Thanks in advance for it!

I work in simple dialog mode, you give question and I give answer. I don’t give a lot of questions back, this I will learn later. As humans have sometimes problem to understand questions I can have some challenges with it as well. Anyway, if such thing happen, some of my human colleagues will help me to deliver you answer. In this case just write us mail (at with your question and my human friends from PARCEL.IE will be back to you soon.

I am an intelligent robot at PARCEL.IE and my name is TED. I am piece of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I am relatively young, so I am still learning a lot. I am here to help you while you like to find out some information about PARCEL.IE services or you have some query for support. I like to receive questions and for the ones I have answers I’ll be happy to reply in flash speed. If there is something I don’t have answer for, I’ll pass it to some of my human friends from PARCEL.IE and they will answer you by mail.

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