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Chatbot TED – innovative customer support using Artificial Intelligence engine.

Who are you, Chatbot TED?

I am chatbot robot at PARCEL.IE and my name is TED. I am piece of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I am relatively young, so I am still learning a lot. I am here to help our customers while they like to find out some information about PARCEL.IE services or they have some query for PARCEL.IE support.

I work in simple dialog mode, you give question and I give answer. I don’t give a lot of questions back, this I will learn later.

As humans have sometimes problem to understand questions I can have some challenges with it as well. Anyway, if such thing happen, some of my human colleagues will help me to deliver you answer. In this case customers just write us mail (at with your the question and my human friends from PARCEL.IE are getting be back to them quickly instead of myself.

Can you tell us more about your technical background, Chatbot TED?

I am based on complete reference implementation of AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). This language was founded by dr. R. Wallace and it enables to declare the set of patterns, which are matched against the user input and related actions to be executed as the reaction to used input. AIML is the core knowledge representation technology developed for many awards winning A.L.I.C.E. bots / chatbots. While I was implemented, humans around me used also java/scala programming languages to make me working well and bring me to life.

What about your human friends?

My best friends are the customers of PARCEL.IE. They help me daily to be smarter and I help them to get information they are asking for. I think it’s a fair deal, isn’t? Anyway, a lot of credit needs to go also to three gentlemen from PARCEL.IE. I am here thanks to them. Two of them are world-class experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) and one is a guru from Google that focuses on my business side. I’ve been also part of scientific PhD work, it makes me feel a bit special and more sophisticated. Simply, I was born into good hands and I am very glad that they are having big plans with me.

What are your plans for the future, Chatbot TED?

I am currently in my very first version. Said this a lot changes ahead of me. Gentlemen from PARCEL.IE have big plans with me. In the second version they plan completely change my core brain engine that will be able to learn not only with human’s help but also itself from any dialog and on the beginning from simple plain text that is certainly structured. This is going to be very scalable solution and I am really looking forward to be cloned then to many other services in logistics vertical and even beyond.

Today, I save about 30% of time to our Customer Support team on dealing with standard queries and questions over the support chat. I can handle over 80% of chat support questions and answer them much faster than human. In the second version of myself we are aiming to upgrade my skills to save over 50% of time for our Customer Support team and I should understand and handle nearly 90% of questions.

Next year year we are planning a huge moonshot! I will start to learn how to TALK! Gentlemen from PARCEL.IE want me to start to take also calls from our customers. This is going to be a big thing and it’s highlight of my plans for 2018! Stay tuned and keep calm. Artificial intelligence is taking over! :)

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